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You’re Still Told Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay, but Science Proves Otherwise

Posted on January 20, 2013 at 1:47 PM Comments comments (79)

  • Despite widespread public health adoption, water fluoridation has come under close scrutiny over the past quarter century as science overwhelmingly shows fluoridation has little to no benefit in preventing dental caries.

  • Fluoride is actually a cumulative poison with toxic effects that contribute to multiple health problems, including lowered IQ, fluorosis, bone weakness and fractures, immune and endocrine dysfunction; what little benefit there may be for your teeth is far overshadowed by the overall health risks

  • It is exceedingly difficult to accurately estimate your total fluoride exposure, and many people are receiving far too much fluoride from drinking water, toothpaste and antibiotic exposures.

  • Dental caries are not improved with fluoride, but rather by proper nutrition and dental hygiene; a major factor is over consumption of sugar, particularly high fructose corn syrup, which feeds the bacteria that cause dental caries.

  • Despite the fact you've been told by the CDC, ADA and others that water fluoridation lowers your risk for tooth decay, scientific studies repeatedly show the opposite to be true—rates of dental caries are trending downward, irrespective of whether or not water fluoridation is used.