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Posted on February 3, 2012 at 3:30 PM Comments comments ()
Mold is a big topic these days. Here is a recent question and answer on mold from one of the essential oils e-mail groups.
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I live in military housing. We lived 2 doors down for 2 years, and moved into this house in March. I think it has mold in it. It was freshly painted and looks great, but I think they just painted over mold. I do not know how to find out if there is a mold problem, but I do know that Thieves and Thieves Cleaner should help rid the house of it. I have some questions though:
1. If I only have 2 diffusers, will that be effective? If I do 2 rooms at a time and run the diffuser for 2 days and move on to the next 2 rooms, will that work? Or does it have to be done all at the same time? We have 4 bedrooms and the house is around 1400 sq feet.
2. I know that you can run the diffuser 15 minutes of each hour and have it work, but is that true when dealing with mold? Can I do it 15 minutes of each hour, or do I need to leave it on continuously?
3. If I wash the walls with Thieves Cleaner, will it kill mold and mildew under the paint?
If you can help me with any of this, I would really appreciate it. Any other suggestions and thoughts are also welcome.

Karen in California
* * * * *
Hi Karen:
Great questions!
Let me suggest that you get a copy of this book, Nature's Mold Rx, the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold. It is available online through the E-store on this website at 
The DVD does not answer the questions you posed.
There are some things that will help you in the articles and the FAQ section of our website, but to save you some time, I will answer your questions here.
1. Unless you have sampling done to tell you what levels of mold you are dealing with, this is a hard question to answer. Also, you must look on the bottom of the diffuser pump you are using and see if it is at least 3.5 Watts or higher. The new pumps with YLs diffusers are much smaller because people were complaining about the noise of the old pumps. The old pumps were 4.5 watts and provided coverage for up to 1,000 sq ft of space. The new pumps are only 3.0 Watts and they will only provide coverage for about 200 sq ft of space.
Unfortunately, these smaller pumps do not emit a large enough quantity of essential oil to be effective for eliminating mold. So, again, be sure to check the wattage of your pump. So you know, we spoke with Young Living executives at Convention and they are looking into resolving this issue, and hopefully will provide some options, but it may take a while according to them.
In general, you can diffuse for 24 hours non-stop in each room and you should see a dramatic improvement, depending on the level of mold spores in the space.
Yes, you can keep rotating the diffusers from room to room, just recognize that doing it that way may take longer to get rid of mold, because mold spores travel so easily. Also, if you have central heat and air conditioning, you might consider diffusing directly into the unit's air intake. AC and Heating Unit ductwork are usually incubators for mold. If you don't have sampling done, you may not be able to identify the source of the mold problem.
If sampling is not something you are willing to do, and if you don't own the property it might not be, or if finding the source is not a concern to you, just keep rotating the diffusers and diffusing Thieves regularly.
That may be an option, but might not be your highest choice, because if the mold is in the attic or crawl space or some place where the diffused essential oil cannot get to it, then the problem may never go away. That means you will spend more money diffusing. Proper sampling and investigation can help identify the source. See the book for more details. If you do not own the property, you may be able to get the landlord to have sampling done, but there are no guarantees.
2. If you do not have mold and are diffusing as a preventative, you can run Thieves oil in the diffuser 15 minutes every 3-4 hours 2-3 times a week. If you know you have a mold problem, this would not be sufficient. Again, not knowing the level of mold or the types of mold present makes it difficult to answer this question. If it were me and I were in the situation you described, I would have sampling done.
Then, I would immediately being diffusing at least 24 hours continuously in each room and keep the room closed up during that intensive diffusing. That will provide the maximum penetration of surrounding materials.
3. To our knowledge, the Thieves Household Cleaner will not affect mold or mildew when it has been painted over. I don't know if anyone else has a story they can share that says it will work, but we have not seen that. Diffusing on a regular basis is your best option, doing so will kill the mold even if it comes through the paint.
You are wise to recognize that mold can be a problem even when you can't see it. The Thieves products
can be purchased from my website.  Thanks for attending to MOLD which appears to be invisible at time.

Enzymes - The Building Blocks to Create a Healthy Body

Posted on June 10, 2011 at 2:26 PM Comments comments ()
Enzymes - The Building Blocks to Create a Healthy Body
Impressions from Gary Young’s Talk in Detroit
Samara Mohassan El Bey, Ph.D.

On April 15 and 16 I journeyed to Detroit, MI to hear Gary Young give a seminar. His main speech dealt with using supplements to build a healthy body. We are basically an oil company but what a lot of people don’t realize is that our supplements contain the frequency of the oils because the oils are sprayed on the herbs that make up the supplements. This process allows the body to be fed with the proper frequency of the enzymes and amino acids. Gary’s spoke passionately about the importance of rebuilding the body with enzymes, fatty acids and amino acids. In times past, when grains were harvested, they stood in the field for two or three days. This allowed the enzymes to permeate the grains making the grains digestible. With new methods of farming, the enzymes do not enter the food supply so humanity is developing disease such as diabetes, leaky gut, and other digestive problems. Gary stated that he is going to bring back such products as Lipozyme to digest fat, Fiberzyme to digest fiber, and other products that deal with enzymes. Unfortunately, this could create a problem for Young Living. We have over 400 products and people are not clear on what they need to promote a healthy body. So even though we have such wonderful products containing enzymes, they are not purchased, and Young Living has to destroy large amounts of product because it has to be dated. We in Young Living need to educate the general public on the importance of enzymes in the diet and the benefits they offer.

In many cases our food supply is poison to our bodies and causes basic diseases. The biggest problem is the GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and pesticides and herbicides and the general use of bad harvesting techniques which do not allow the enzymes to enter the food. Another problem is we do not eat essential fatty acids. Those that read my newsletters know about the two brains. Before birth, while floating around in our mother’s womb, we live on essential fatty acids and we function out of the glia brain, which is the lining of the brain itself and the entire nervous system. The glia brain operates on the Omega Blues or essential fatty acids. With our first breath, we operate on a completely different neurological system called the neuron brain, which operates on glucose. Unfortunately, processed food removes the omegas from our food supply, so it is important that we supplement ourselves with a product like Omega Blue. I have seen cases where chronic diseases have been removed from the body or lessened by the introduction of such products as Omega Blue and Longevity.

Gary’s talk was basically designed to educate the audience on the importance of using the proper enzymes, cleansing products and our Life 5 which is a probiotic to rebuild healthy bacteria in our digestive tract. Gary took us through an interesting demonstration of how our digestive system works. He dumped a lot of vegetables into a blender and turned it on. He showed the audience that food without water does not get utilized in the stomach. The blender could not mix the food without an ample amount of water added. (For years I was taught not to drink while eating. This is the first misunderstanding that people had about utilizing their food.) He then went through an explanation of the different products that Young Living has to develop a healthy digestive tract.

He said without the enzymes and probiotics that people are going to develop digestive problems. When I first got into Young Living, I learned about the Cleansing Trio, which is ICP, Comfortone and Essentialzyme. This kit contains ingredients believed to help eliminate waste in the body to support overall health. The supplements are enhanced with herbs, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fiber, and essential oils, for greater energy and well-being. The inexpensive way to cleanse the body is to use this trio plus Life 5 to rebuild the healthy bacteria in the gut. But since the beginning, Young Living has expanded into dozens of supplements to  expand the ability to heal digestive problems.

Gary spent a lot of time discussing amylase, a powerful enzyme that assists the digesting of starchy food. The main enzyme not present in a newborn is amylase. That is why it is important to have a baby breast-fed. Several times, I have helped people balance their ability to digest carbohydrates and helped them eliminate their diabetic tendency by recommending they take Carbozyme and our essential fatty acid product, Omega Blue. Unfortunately, Carbozyme  was eliminated for a time because it did not sell .Despite the company’s argument, Gary has brought Carbozyme back. His main talk in Detroit was that he plans on bringing these enzymes back and these other products that will help counteract America’s problem with digesting food. He strongly feels that Young Living needs to reintroduce such products as Fiberzyme and Lipozyme and to educate the general public on how to use these products so that people can build healthier constitutions.

Let us look at some of the first products that Gary talked about. To support liver function, Gary developed JuvaSpice, JuvaPower and JuvaTone. These products are enhanced with essential oils that support liver function. JuvaTone is enhanced with lemon and German chamomile and is an excellent source of choline, a vital nutrient for a healthy liver. JuvaPower and JuvaSpice are vegetable products and fiber complexes that contain liver supporting nutrients and antioxidants. Pure anise and fennel essential oils are included for optimal support.

Gary has also developed the meal replacements Power Meal and Balance Complete to supplement a healthy diet and  support proper digestion. Power Meal is a 100% plant-based meal replacement high in protein and rich in calcium, antioxidants, and amino acids, with a comprehensive array of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that energize and replenish the body.

The other 3 enzymes that Gary has developed are Allerzyme, Detoxzyme, and Polyzyme. Allerzyme is a complex blend of enzymes, complementary botanicals, ginger, peppermint, and other essential oils that supports proper digestion, waste elimination and nutrient utilization. Detoxzyme contains a powerful vegetarian based enzyme combined with anise seed and fennel essential oils to detoxify the liver. Polyzyme is a vegetarian complex of protein digesting enzymes. Polyzyme enhances nutrient absorption, facilitates the breakdown of proteins, and supports more complete digestion of high-fat foods.

To compliment the enzymes, Young Living has developed a complete line of hormone inducing products. CortiStop is designed to support the feminine glandular system and promote balanced cortisol levels within the body. Estro assists the body in maintaining normal glandular function. It is enhanced with fennel, lavender, and clary sage essential oils to help balance emotions. FemiGen supports a woman’s reproductive system and helps maintain balance during menopause. PD 80/20 is a supplement formulated to provide natural hormone support. It replenishes the body’s pregnenolone and DHEA, two substances that decrease with age. We also have the oil blends Lady Sclareol, SclarEssence, and Dragon Time. These three blends help balance emotions, promote mental stability, and provide endocrine support while menstruating.  We also have Prenolone Plus Body Cream and Progessence Plus serum to help balance progesterone in the body. For males, Young Living has Prostate Health, a fast acting vegetable-based herbal product formulated with high-quality saw palmetto to provide support for prostate function and the male glandular system.  Protec is a balancing blend for men and women, but the oils in this product help with prostate health. We also have the oil blend, Mister. Mister helps balance emotions and promotes mental stability during stressful times.

Young Living has also developed a product line for a healthy heart.CardiaCare  combines helichrysum, ylang ylang, and other essential oils with powerful nutrients, like CoQ10. HRT is designed to promote heart health. It contains hawthorn berry and garlic to strengthen and nourish the heart. Rosewood, ylang ylang and lemon essential oils are added to enhance the herbs in this blend. Rehemogen is formulated with cascara sagrada bark and melaleuca, thyme, and other essential oils to enhance digestion and other natural ingredients that have been used historically for their internal cleansing and building properties.

Young Living has two powerful products that fight infection. They are Inner Defense and ImmuPro. ImmuPro is a chewable tablet to support the body’s natural defenses. It is enhanced with calcium and zinc. Inner Defense uses Thieves essential oil blend to strengthen the body’s system and fight off infection and mold.

This is just a taste of some of the superb supplements Young Living has created. I support Gary’s desire to bring us a complete line of products and essential oils to heal the body. Gary feels very strongly that we need to understand that our food supply is void of essential fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes. To stop the onslaught of diseases brought on by our genetically altered food sprayed with pesticides, we need to supply the body with the proper enzymes and supplements to allow the body to rebuild and cleanse. The pure essential oils maintain the building blocks of the enzymes. They are pure and contain the frequency and the blueprints for proper health. It has long been a custom to pray over our food. I suggest that we use the pure oils of Di-Gize and embrace the food we eat through prayer and ask that all the nutrients be replenished within our food to keep our bodies healthy. Gary’s desire is to bring us the proper frequencies within our supplements and our oils to provide us with a healthy body. These products must be consumed and we must understand how to use them properly if we wish to help people heal.
Samara is an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. Any material presented in this article is her own interpretation and does not always express the views of Young Living Essential Oils. Please copy and distribute freely.
June 10, 2011