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Living Healing Touch...a new thought idea

Healing Touch is to support wellness - mind,body & soul.


“ On several occasions, because of an acute low back syndrome with pain, I have benefited from the Healing Touch interventions provided by Dr. Samara. On the most resent occasion, about 6 weeks ago, her application of Healing Touch back techniques, essential oils, and self-chakra connection regimen brought about a shortened period of bed rest and a quicker recovery."

Gardner Blackwell, Ed.D


"There are no words that can fully express my gratitude to you for helping restore my body. Your positive caring spirit, knowledge, wisdom and healing hands are quite a gift.

Before finding you, I had nine months of pain and reduced function. I had been to all the conventional medical people and therapists. I had all the Xrays and MRIs the fancy doctors, fancy offices, fancy machines. But I did not have someone who had the knowledge, determination and caringness to unlock the healing powers of my body. I thank G'd for your help."


Wellesley K. Clayton,



"I have been a customer of Healing Touch treatment for one year. I have suffered from both a variety of sports injuries as well as an Scoliosis of the Spine which at times has given me some serious problems with headaches and muscle spasms.

Dr. Samara has over the years utilized a variety of techniques, constantly learning and experimenting on better ways to impart her skills to better eliminate or reduce my problems. As a business professional I have "NO" problem recommending Dr. Samara's care and would recommend her very highly to anyone wishing to experience the power of Healing Touch."

Anthony McClain,



"I was recently involved in a car accident and Healing Touch has provided much needed relief and greatly assisted my recovery. Dr. Samara also prescribed a series of homework excercises and stretches which have helped me recover lost flexibility and mobility."

Caroline Daley,

Curriculum Specialist


"I have known Dr. Samara for over 5 years. I started going for Healing Touch as my husband was concerned for me after having been in a car accident and physio was just not helping. He bought me two gift certificates to "try" Healing Touch. I have never looked back. Dr. Samara's kind, caring and professional manner has turned my life of healing totally around. She is always learning new techniques that just make the Healing Touch that much better. I have since been involved in another car accident and the first place I called was Dr. Samara's for a Pain Drain Treatment and my injury became easier to deal with right away instead of becoming worse."

Saal Montgomery,

President & CEO